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Huawei P20 Pro Review.

Huawei P20 Pro is stealing the hearts of the smartphone users. Nowadays, it seems like a competition is going on among each smartphones companies. Which is giving the users to achieve the best phone ever and it's pretty cool. Huawei is one of the third smartphone company according to my point of view and I really do love their ideas and adore the features of the phones. Huawei's Nova 3E has already blown the minds of the users with its great features and price. But this time P20 Pro is really really awesome. With its amazing features and beautiful looks.Its features are awesome and as follow below:

Huawei P20 Pro is designed with revolutionary Leica Triple Camera.P20 Pro is available in the gradient color finish (the gradient color finish is exclusive to Twilight and Pink Gold).6.1 inch* OLED display. Huawei P20 Pro is the world's first Leica Triple Camera smartphone (with 8MP Telephoto, 40MP RGB, and 20MP Monochrome).P20 Pro beats the competition in virtually every catego…
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Is it important to get more WatchTime on YouTube?

Have you ever wondered what the single most important YouTube metric is? Well, if you think it's views then you would be absolutely wrong. Ok, you weren't entirely wrong if you said views, but you need to split all those views into the minutes. 
Let's take a very simple example: 

Video: 1If 100-people watch 100% of your 2-minute video then, that means 200-minutes of people spending time on YouTube.Video: 2If you make a 10-minute video and only 50-people watch 50% of it, then that means 250-minutes which is really good and that means 25% more than our first video.
That's more time on YouTube with more time to show adverts and build revenue. In this example, it's quantity over quality but don't forget that quality content produces high quantity minutes. YouTube has a word for all this and it's called WatchTime. Every single minute a viewer spends time watching your videos on YouTube earns you a credit. Granted it's a microscopic credit that has to grind i…

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts

A book is an essential part of our life.
Yes, a book is an essential part of our life and that is true. As the season is taking place every nerdy is trying to grab their copies to have comfort and relaxing just by reading their favorites author books.Well, I wrote too but mine didn't get success but still, a writer never get afraid of writing or failure. Soon will publish mine second book. But this book is something you guys should read it.
The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts is a book, which makes you feel good and in this book, you will find out about the real meaning of love .
Check this link below to grab your copy too.

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts
Over 11 million copies have been sold but still on the hit list of I will definitely recommend to those who still didn't get their copies should grab it first before spring ends.#1New York best seller running  8 years. Best for a recommendation.

Thank you.

2018 Sale on Kindle Store


As the season changes sale takes place in. There are lots of stuff people want to buy but I got something special which you really need now. There are many ways just to chill around on your peace space. Not much to say but to show, check out the links below.

80% sale on Kindle Store

Hope you'll grab your favorite ones from Kindle.

Thank you.

Best Camera of 2018 review.

Nowadays vlogging so in trend like even children are taking part in to get famous. 

I've seen many people love to vlog and even I must say the watchers also use to wait for the next vlog of their favorite vlogger. But many have issues with the camera they try to vlog and get the perfect video shot for their fans. But unfortunately, they suffer from this editing or lensing stuff to make the picture look perfect.
But today I have a news for all the vlogger, you don't need to waste time on searching for the best camera or from all that editing or lensing stuff anymore. You don't need to search for a microphone to fix it on top of the camera.
The camera which I've been talking about is 1DX Mark2. Yes, this big daddy is super cool for vlogging and the best thing about it is you don't need to put a microphone on top of it. Trust me this is a very very capable camera for vloggers for vlogging and I promise you that you will love to have it. Its feature is remarkable and m…


Without friends life is nothing.

We get many friends in our life but only the real ones stay. It's not necessary to have dozens of friends in your life. If you have an only true friend than you are a rich person. We get disappointed many times in our life but we get comfort by sharing our feelings, happiness, sorrows with our friend by getting positive advice from them.Having friends in life is a blessing. In every step of life, we get a new friend but no one can replace the love and respect which get from only one true friend. We may say, he/she is my best friend but the heart knows which one is your actual true or best friend for life. The one who stays in your life forever and make you feel comfort by spending time with her/his. Not everyone but he/she will stand by your side always. Many of our friends leave us, it's not that they are not good friends but it's because their part is done in our life and there is another friend going to take part in our life. So, don't a…