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Letter to self!

My today's blog is about "Letter to self" and I hope you guys wrote a letter in some where to your self. Yes, some of you may think that is crazy but the truth is sometimes we really need to talk to ourselves to say "How are we in real?" not just fine but , "Are we fine?". I used to write letter or talk to myself in daily basis to encourage and build a bit of confidence in me to have believe that , Whatever I'm doing is good. Sometimes we really need someone to encourage us to build up a confidence and take care of us.
But ,Why we should depend on others? Why we can't be our own hero? We can right? In positive way yes we can, do what you like, live the way you want, laugh as loud as you want but all in a positive way. Because some times we take things in negative way, which later on become harmful for us. A happy soul always use to make others happy and make them smile. Be that kind of person, forget about the worries and tension.
A lack of confidence can damaged a person personality. Be the one which people love not the one people hate. If you do so, your life will become beautiful believe me. The best thing is to spend lots of your time with your family. They are the only ones, Who knows you; support you in every feild of life. Be a builder (trust,love,support etc) and later on you'll be thankful to your Lord(Allah) for all the benefits of life.
My life is beautiful and I'm blessed with everything which I need in my life. Even today is my birthday, so  special day to celebrate life is to write a "Letter to self". We are human we need support, love and trust to live life happily. I appreciate you all for reading my blogs that's means a lot for me really (Thank you so much).

If you have any question in your mind than do comment below will answer as soon as possible.

Live your life happily and worthily .

Thank you,
Your Writer Buddy,


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