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Education is must..!!!

My today's blog is about "Education". 

Education is a must for each individual on earth, nowadays people are only finding an easy solution to earn extra money. But they forgot that "If you want to build your building into a tower then first learn, How to put the bricks carefully?". I'm not a professor or nor a teacher to blog every day to give you guys a lesson to learn as your homework, but I'm here to show you some easy methods which you can learn easily and you can be aware of the second step.
My today's topic is about education and I want to tell you guys that if you want to study or if you want to sit at home and get your diploma by not going to universities or Institute; then you are on right blog.
Yes, I'm here to tell you about a site which is really awesome with thousands of free online courses and diplomas. Trust me!  This site is trustworthy and you won't believe but you will get your certificates and diplomas just by a click.

The site is called "Alison" and it's just an amazing platform for learners with lots of categories courses and millions of learners. A few details are below regarding "Alison".

Alison Online Courses:

Alison’s vision is to be the world’s leading provider of free high-quality knowledge and workplace skills training. We will be a catalyst for social change, creating opportunity and prosperity for all our stakeholders.

Alison's values

  1. empowerment


    We are driven by our belief in the power of education to change people’s lives for the better and are passionate about providing an overall learning experience that meets their needs and helps them to achieve life goals.
  3. knowledge


    We are experts in the field of online education and are rigorous in delivering high-quality learning materials, services and experiences that deliver the learning outcomes we have promised.
  5. inclusivity


    We are inspired by the UN Declaration that “everyone is entitled to a free education”. We are committed to equality and access to education irrespective of gender, geography, economic status or any other barriers to access.
  7. innovation


    We will not be constrained by what already exists but will lead the way in introducing new ways to achieve our mission. Our DNA is entrepreneurial and we understand and embrace the pioneering spirit that motivates other entrepreneurs.
Alison is a vast site with millions of learners and I'm among one of those learners. It's a great platform for a person who is just sitting at home and wishing to get educated from somewhere. There are thousands of courses available and all are free to learn at any time and anywhere you want. You will just have to pay for your certificates or diplomas once you have done your course. Don't panic it won't cost you more, you'll just have to pay may be 27(€) per certificate.
Well, I believe that it's a great opportunity for a learner to increase his/her level knowledge. If you do agree with me then just click the link below and get started with your favorite course. :)

Check these books and hope you would like them.

The Impatient optimist by Bill Gates (in his own words):-

How to manage your time by Mike Clayton (Brilliant business):-

If you have any question in your mind then please do comment below will answer ASAP and if you want to share it with friends then go ahead share the words. :)

Thank you,
Your Writer Buddy,


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