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Is it important to get more WatchTime on YouTube?

Have you ever wondered what the single most important YouTube metric is?

Well, if you think it's views then you would be absolutely wrong. Ok, you weren't entirely wrong if you said views, but you need to split all those views into the minutes. 

Let's take a very simple example: 

Video: 1

  • If 100-people watch 100% of your 2-minute video then, that means 200-minutes of people spending time on YouTube.

Video: 2

  • If you make a 10-minute video and only 50-people watch 50% of it, then that means 250-minutes which is really good and that means 25% more than our first video.

That's more time on YouTube with more time to show adverts and build revenue. In this example, it's quantity over quality but don't forget that quality content produces high quantity minutes. YouTube has a word for all this and it's called WatchTime. Every single minute a viewer spends time watching your videos on YouTube earns you a credit. Granted it's a microscopic credit that has to grind its way through YouTube's algorithms along with 100 of other factors but, as YouTube own help page states.

WatchTime is an important metric to promote videos on YouTube. The algorithm for suggesting videos includes prioritizing that leads to a longer overall viewing session that receives more clicks. So, minutes are more important than views.

Well, we are not quite finished from there because there is another super important metric.
Here is another example:

  • Let's say a viewer comes to YouTube to watch one of your videos about football, Now you're a savvy person you thanks to all the sponsors' tools that you've optimized for your videos titles, tags, and description so that YouTube suggests more football content.
  •  If the viewer of your video then clicks on one of these suggested videos, even if it's not yours, you gain WatchTime credits because you helped keep that viewer on  YouTube's ecosystem. That's called session WatchTime and YouTube mathematical monkeys love this too.
Now obsessively the longer the video is the harder is to keep the viewer engaged, so here are  couples of tips to help you to keep your viewer engaged:

  1. Connect your content.
  2. Create Playlists.
  3. Engage your audience.
  4. Create reasons to stay.

WatchTime is important for YouTube.

for a surprise. :)

Thank You.


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